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Just a little reminder about out P5 & P5/6 open afternoon tomorrow. Pop along to the main door at 1.45 and a couple of pupils will be waiting to show you down to our classrooms.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

Miss W and Miss M

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P5/6 School Trip

Our P5/6 trip was AMAZING!!! It certainly helped having such wonderful sunshine to keep us company during the adventure.

Firstly, we were dropped off at the Archive Centre where we learned about old Inverness and were able to explore and investigate lots of old parchments, maps, books and documents. We were also able to hear about how old documents are conserved and also fixed as well as being able to go in to the “Strong Room” and learn how all the old documents are stored in optimum conditions.

Secondly, we strolled along to the Floral Hall where we split in to groups to examine all the plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits that were all growing in the gardens. One of the best rooms was the Cacti Room (all Cactus photos were staged for comedic purpose!!!!).

Finally, we made our way to Whin Park where the sunshine was certainly on our side. We had an opportunity to eat our lunch at Whin Park and then have a short play in the park. We then had a class discussion about our local environment and the geography of Inverness and the Highlands. To finish off, we had a quick game of North, South, East and West to recap our understanding of direction!!! What a fantastic day.

Health and Wellbeing Commonwealth Week

We had such a wonderful time during Health and Wellbeing week! We were able to take part in a variety of activities such as drumming, training with Dan Moore and Shinty. We had the responsibility of researching Kenya, our country from the Commonwealth. We learnt what the culture, food, music, daily life and animals are like over in Kenya and how this contrasts with our life.

Measurement Assessment Task

We have been working extraordinarily hard in our Measurement topic since returning from the Christmas break. On Monday, we completed an assessment task as part of a team to show all the skills we have both recapped and new skills we have learnt. To complete our task we had to be able to estimate, read scales, add measurements, and use the correct unit of measurement for each task! Overall, the class did really well – and most importantly enjoyed drinking their delicious fruit punch at the end.

Here are some photos of the masterminds at work!


P5 – Tennis Festival

A few weeks ago we attended the Tennis Festival at Millburn Academy alongside Crown Primary and Inshes Primary. It was an absolutely fantastic day and all the children put 100% effort in. There was some fantastic tennis going on and here are a few group photos of all of us! Well done to both Archie and Seb who came first in the last game!